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How long have you been painting?
I have four and a half years of painting experience and three years in carpentry and construction, as well as three years fencing. I also went to college for construction management and technology.

What keeps you motivated at your job each day?
I love the work. I especially enjoy the very beginning of big jobs, which involves a lot of planning and strategic thought processes to make sure the project gets done on time. And, of course, it feels really great to finish these jobs and look back on all the work we achieved. I also love the customer relationships I build with my clients. Seeing their satisfaction at the end of a job is incredibly rewarding, and it makes me look forward to every day on the job.

What separates you from the competition?
I always strive to be better and treat every project as if it was my own home or business. At Valley Painting Pros, we care for our customers as we care for our friends and family. We always have a team ready to assist with any concerns and address any challenges that might come up. We really enjoy going the extra mile.

Why should customers be excited to work with you?
As a small, local business, we’re very conscious of our customers’ budgets. We never hike up our prices or charge unreasonable rates, despite the fact that we give every project incredible attention to detail. We genuinely care about maintaining high customer satisfaction; we understand that good business means listening to our customers and giving back to the community whenever possible.

Q&A with Levi Thomas

Owner of Valley Painting Pros
Levi Thomas owner of Valley Painting Pros

What brands do you prefer for paint and supplies?
We use Sherwin-Williams and Rodda for paint since both brands have an excellent reputation for quality and color uniformity. We also use Graco 440 sprayers, spray tips, and extensions. We use Honda 6X200, 3200 PSI pressure washers. We also use hand scrapers, power sanders, both oil and latex-based primers, hand-masking tools, Little Giant ladders, extension ladders, and proper PPE whilst spraying. We’re careful to ensure our customers’ homes stay clean and damage-free throughout the entire painting process.

Our Process: Exterior Painting
For most exterior painting projects, the first day starts with pressure washing the building with an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. Then, we let the house dry for 2-3 days before we begin scraping, sanding, priming and prepping the house for paint. During those one or two days, we will check and replace all of the bad caulking on the building and mask off all windows, doors, concrete, fixtures, or anything that could potentially be affected by accidental spray over. 

Finally, we begin painting the house, making sure to back brush all vertical siding. Once we have laid down a clean, even coat, we will remove the masking and paint the trim and accent colors. On our last day, we take care of any touch-ups – and we always do a very thorough clean-up on the job site. We want our customers to be able to get back to their normal routine as quickly as possible.


Customer Testimonials

“Work was outstanding”

I have a modest home and a modest income, but I live on my deck in the summer months and enjoy it daily. My deck and backyard are my favorite parts of my home and where I spend most of my time when I am at home. Although Valley Painting Pros seemed a little out of my budget I decided to go with them anyway because I truly believe you get what you pay for. Their work was outstanding through and through and I now enjoy “my space” even more!

Henry Omeara


“Looks awesome“

The Valley Painting Pros team was very professional, honest, and thorough. The bid process was easy and the price was the best among the three vendors I requested bids from. The painting team acted professionally, showed respect for my property, and worked quickly to get the job done right. The crew lead didn’t mind my frequent questions. The team was open to hearing any concerns I had and worked quickly to address and resolve them…

Gloria Thompson


“Highly recommend”

I would highly recommend working with Valley Painting Pros for any paint projects you might have. We had an excellent experience working with Levi and the team. They showed up early and ready to work hard each day – even during a week when it was over 100 degrees in town – and were consistently polite whenever we talked about progress at the end of each day. Levi even worked extra hard on the last day to touch up a few “off-spots”…

Schuyler Houstone


“Reliable and professional”

Super easy to work with – reliable and professional! Competitive pricing. They did a job for us which included two accent walls and a half wall in a larger room (which we didn’t want to attempt ourselves given the skill required for it to look good). They were available on our timeline and communicative throughout.

Harman Franzke


“Best painting company”

From the first phone call to schedule a quote through the finished job was nothing but professional. They kept me informed regularly to let me know when they would start, showed up every single day on time and worked tirelessly. Their attention to detail is phenomenal. My front door needed special attention having sun and water damage. I was given options on how to restore it and it looks new.

Seth Guzman


“Great people”

Great people to work with! Levi was very responsive from the minute I called to inquire about his services. He went over every detail with me and we set up a plan for the day of work. Levi came to meet with me in the morning with his team, and we went over each wall and touch up to be done. He and his team were very professional, on-time, and the painting looked perfectly done. His team even touched up other areas that needed to be done.

Anne Shelton


“Great job”

I hired Levi to provide paint consulting services on a large commercial project. The property owners wanted a 15-year paint job but wanted it done by an inexpensive painter with supervising. The job came out perfect. I was really pleased with Levi’s communication and professionalism. I have referred him to other clients. He did a great job.

Kathy Thode


Contact us now to get quote

Contact us now to get quote

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